Download Guidelines in English and Khasi

Guidelines I

Constitution, Duties & Functions of the Local Project Implementation Committee (LPIC)

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Guidelines I

Ki kyndon trei kam jong ka Local Project Implementation Committee (LPIC)

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Guidelines II

Implementation of Livelihood Activities by the Beneficiaries

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Guidelines II Khasi

Ka Application bad jingpyntrei kam ia ki jingtrei (schemes/projects) da ki nongioh pisa jingiarap (Beneficiaries)

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Guidelines III

Implementation of Employment Generation Projects

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Guidelines III Khasi

Ka Jingpyntreikam ia ki kam pynroi ia ka jingioh kam ioh jam

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Guidelines V

Implementation of Infrastructure Projects

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Guidelines V Khasi

Ka jingpyntreikam ia ki Infrastructure Projects (thaw iing skul, surok bad kiwei)

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Guidelines VI

Grant of Financial Assistance for Excursion Tours, Games and Sports organized by Local Schools, and for higher studies outside the state.

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Guidelines VI

Ki Kyndon Ai Jingiarap Pisa na ka bynta excursion tours, ki kam ialehkai sports ba la pynbeit da ki skul ha shnong bad ki jingpyntbit halor ki jingpule shabar ka jylla.

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Updated Guidelines for Utilisation of Funds by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for Development of Lafarge-Umiam Mining Area

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