The SPV Society implements programs through the Local Project Implementation Committees (LPICs) that are located across the operational area.

Where are the LPICs located?

The mining operation area coincides with the Umiam Shella River Basin. Administratively, the area comprises of the following Elakas/areas along with the attached villages and localities within the District of East Khasi Hills, partly under the Shella-Bholagunj C.D. Block and partly under the Mawsynram C.D. Block. The traditional nomenclatures of the administrative authorities over the Elakas/areas which are still in vogue today are also given below:

Elaka (LPIC)Villages Included
Nongtrai (Nongtrai LPIC)Nongtrai
Shella (Mawryngkhong LPIC, Sohlap LPIC, Jasir LPIC, Laikher LPIC)Mawryngkhong, Pyrkan, Sohlap, Umdoh, Mawpot, Khahmohi, Lumskhen, Khahbadar, Jasir, Disong, Jamew, Duba, Nongnong, Nongrum, Rymsongkatonor
Mustoh (Sawkher LPIC, Mustoh LPIC)Saikarap, Jatap, Lum-U-Smon, Saisohphan, Mustoh
Nongwar (Nongwar LPIC)Nongwar
Laitkynsew (Laitkynsew LPIC)Laitkynsiew
Nonglait (Nonglait LPIC)Nonglait
Dewsaw (Dewsaw LPIC)Dewsaw, Dewsaw Nongthymmai
Tyngnger (Tyngnger LPIC) Tyngnger
Lyngkhom (Lyngkhom LPIC)Lyngkhom
Synnei (Synnei LPIC)Synnei Nongrim, Synnei Nongthymmai
Tynrong Rumnong (Mawsahew LPIC)Mawsahew, Tynrong (Mawrap), Tynrong Rumnong, Nonglyngkien, Umtlang
Ramdait/Mynteng (Mawkawir LPIC)Mawkawir, Mawjymdem, Pyndemdkhar, Mawshar
Tyrna (Tyrna LPIC)Tyrna, Nongthymmai Tyrna, Lumsohphi, Mawshamok
Nongkroh (Nongkhroh LPIC)Nongkhroh, Sohsarat, Siej
Lawbah (Lawbah LPIC)Lawbah
Sinai Mawshynrut (Sinai Mawshynrut LPIC)Sinai Mawshynrut
Mawdon Mawkhan (Mawdon LPIC)Mawdon, Mawkham, Hatmawdon
Mawlyngbna (Mawlyngbna LPIC)Mawlyngbna
Mawtepiew & Umtyllun (Mawtepiew – Umtyllun LPIC)Mawtepiew, Umtyllun